Getting Started - Install Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provided by Microsoft. An IDE is a software development tool that allows the design of an application through coding.

Most IDE's have built-in programming languages that allow developers to create a wide array of application types. IDE's also provide tools for debugging an application while it is being developed.

The link to download the IDE follows:

Follow the link and click on the "Download Visual Studio" button. Although Visual Studio runs on Mac computers, this lesson deals with the Windows version.

Choose the location you want to save the installation file.

If you do not want to sign up for tips and resources, click the X to close the window.

When the installation file is downloading, click to install Visual Studio.

The Visual Studio Installer will open - Click "Continue."

The Installer will take a few moments.

When it is complete, you will see a window asking you what Workloads you want to install. Select .Net desktop development.

Accept all the default options and click Install. Installation could take several minutes.

When it is complete, you will see a Welcome screen that asks you to Sign in. You can skip this step by clicking, "Not now, maybe later."

On the Development Setting screen, select the theme of your liking. The Dark color theme is very common among developers since the darker background is supposed to reduce eye strain when working for hours in Visual Studio.

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