Coding Practice - Pizza Party

I want to have a pizza party for all of my friends, but I am very cheap and want to order the least pizza possible. This application will help me do so.

Application Set-Up

  • The application will ask me how many slices are in a pizza

  • Since I don't want to order a bunch of different pizza's, the application will ask me for my three preferred pizza types (e.g., plain, meat-lovers, mushroom)

  • The application will ask me how many friends I plan on buying pizza for

How Many Slices

For every friend I want to invite to my pizza party, the application will ask the following

  • Name of the friend

  • Preferred pizza type (limited to the three I entered earlier)

  • How many slices that friend will eat

Pizza Calculation

  • The application will use this information to calculate how many pizzas I need to order so that every friend gets to eat the number of slices and pizza type they chose.

  • The application will create half and half options to cover any remainders that can be added together to form a whole pizza

  • The application will tell me how many slices and what pizza type cannot be converted into a whole pizza.


You need to order 3 pepperoni pizzas, 1 mushroom pizza, and 1 pizza, half cheese, half mushroom.

There are 3 pepperoni slices and 1 cheese slice not included in this order.


All data entry MUST be validated with a message explaining what I did wrong if I enter invalid information.


  • At any time, I should be able to restart the entire process by typing in RESTART.

  • At any time, I should be able to restart the slice ordering process by typing REORDER.

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