Coding Practice - Over the Top

I have just finished watching the movie Over the Top. Now I want to run my very own arm wrestling tournament. However, I need an application to help me track everything.

Event Set-Up

The application will allow me to enter the information of the tournament (date, time, location, number of contestants)

The application will provide me with a way to add, update, and remove contestants. The application will also store this information so I can close the application and return to it later without having to enter the same information.

Run the Tournament

The application will randomly select two contestants to compete with each other. Since we are currently in a pandemic, the contestants can not actually arm wrestle. Instead, they will each roll two dice. The highest roll is the winner. This is done for every contestant in the tournament.

The first-round winners will then be randomly selected to compete with another first-round winner, narrowing the contestants even further.

The rounds continue until only a single contestant remains undefeated.

Tournament Information

Once a winner is determined, the following information will be displayed

- The Date and Location of the tournament

- The number of contestants

- The first, second, and third place winners

The application will persist this information and will add to it every time I run a tournament


The application will provide me with a way to view information from past tournaments.

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