Coding Practice – Client Inventory

You have proven yourself as a worthy developer. Now your client has decided it’s time to trust you with actual applications they will use to run their business. The first application they want you to create will allow them to add items to their inventory. In addition to adding inventory, they want the ability to view, update, and delete items.

Client Requirements

The application should allow your client to do the following:

Add an item to the inventory with the following information

  • Item Name

  • Item Sale Price

  • Count of Item in Stock

Update all information for an item

Remove any item from the inventory

View the inventory with the following options

  • View all information about all items

  • View all items in a determined price range

  • View all items with a count less than an entered amount

In addition to this functionality, the client has requested the following:

  • The application provides user-friendly menus that allow the client to perform all of these actions multiple times without having to restart the application

  • The application validates all input and does not crash if something could have been avoided.

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